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WHO WILL LAST LONGER? Ignore These 7 Essentials If You Want
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If you are reading this article because the headline caught your attention, you are probably someone who struggles with ongoing body aches and pain or know a friend who does. Then, it is not much of a surprise for you or your friend to be relying on some form of regular follow-up treatments. This may mean going to the chiropractor, physiotherapist or massage therapist. These are great treatment methods that grant you relief without using synthetic drugs, making them safe and reliable for long-term use. However, you probably already know by now that they do not provide you benefits beyond relieving your pain for the time being.
The reason why your ongoing pain does not stay away for long despite you receiving treatment, is because typical treatment methods do not cover all the 7 essentials. In the later part of the article, I will reveal to you the coverage of these 7 essentials by typical methods people rely on for temporary relief of recurring body aches and discomforts. Before I can do so, I will need to reveal to you these 7 essentials. In order to reveal these 7 essentials, I will have to go into the three aspects of health important in sustaining pain freedom. They are structural integrity, bioenergy field and mental/emotional well-being.
Structural integrity occurs on the physical level. It refers to the ability to physically withstand weight and load. This ability is influenced by 3 factors: body alignment, muscular strength balance, and strength of body structure (muscles, joints and bones). With good body alignment, the bones and joints are all in the correct placement, all the joints are stacked on top of one another, enabling your body to take more weight with less risk. This correct placement is influenced by muscular strength balance - the balancing out of loadings on the joints & bones in different directions to maintain the placement. With body alignment and muscular strength balance in place, comes strong structure, since all proper alignment and stacking of the joints allows more loading to be taken safely.
Bioenergy field occurs on the level the electromagnetic field surrounding an individual contributed by the voltage between and within biological cells and the magnetic waves of varying frequencies emitted by the brain depending on brain activity. When these bioelectrical charges from the cells and magnetic brain waves come into contact, an electromagnetic field surrounding the body is created. This field of energy provides subtle protection against surroundings’ pain causing and immunity lowering background radiation we are exposed to in our everyday life. The flow of bio-electromagnetic energy within the body, especially along the meridian channels, helps to maintain this bioenergy field. With a reduction in flow due to excess energy stuck somewhere or an energy lack due to either illness or past injuries, the bioenergy field can be less dense, making someone more vulnerable to pain and illnesses due to impaired immunity. This can happen long after an acute illness or injury is over, making someone stay trapped in a recurring pain pattern.
Mental/emotional well-being occurs on the psychological level. On a more surface level, when someone is mentally stressed and emotionally upset, the body tenses up in response, contributing to muscular tension. Breathing gets affected, becoming faster and shallower. This affects the use of the primary breathing muscles, the diaphragm, located below the lungs underneath the ribs cage. Thus, secondary breathing muscles in the chest and upper/mid back region works harder to assist in breathing, leading to more other muscular tension. Furthermore, the affected breathing also changes the amount of carbon dioxide and oxygen uptake by the lungs and subsequently, the body & brain cells, which leads to more other issues like unnatural changes in cells’ voltage and brain waves, leading to poor bioenergy field. On a deeper level, someone can be easily recurrently stressed or triggered by similar situations due to traumatic and repressed childhood memories. These memories, being locked up in the subconscious, gets triggered whenever this person sees images, hear voices or smell something that reminds him of the traumatic experiences he went through as a child, leading to changes in muscle tension and breathing as a response to the subconscious trigger. Subsequently, structural integrity and bioenergy field gets affected as well.
By now, you should already know that these three aspects of health, structural integrity, bioenergy field and mental/emotional well-being, are not mutually exclusive. They intersect one another, as shown below.
7 Essentials Of Sustained Chronic Pain Relief
This brings us to the 7 essentials, as shown by the numberings on the Venn diagram above. Most treatment methods people rely on do not cover all 7. The table below shows the 7 essentials coverage by many methods that are commonly relied upon by people with ongoing pain.
Treatment method: Essential(s) covered
Chiropractor: 1
Physiotherapy: 1
Sports Massage: 1
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupressure Massage: 1, 3, 4 & 5
Below is a list of methods that are uncommon for relieving body pain, but would allow a more complete coverage when used in conjunction with the above.
Treatment method uncommon for body pain: Essential(s) covered
Meditation & mindfulness practices: 2 & 7
Emotional therapy/counselling: 3, 6 & 7
If someone were to implement all different methods concurrently for a short brief period to cover the 7 essentials from the beginning, before any ongoing pain issue arise, such an issue would have been very easily prevented.
However, if you or your friend is already suffering from ongoing body pain that has lasted for months or even years, more than likely, there are multiple layers and causes to your body aches and pain stacking on top of one another. After all, any issue in any of the three aspects gives rise to more issues in others. This can make it difficult for the different methods specializing in dealing with issues in the individual aspects hard to resolve your body aches.
Unfortunately, most of us do not have the ability to foresee the body pain challenges we will face to go through all treatment methods to get a complete coverage of the 7 essentials in time. Neither do any of us have the Timestone like Doctor Strange does, making it impossible to turn back time to make the necessary visits.
Fortunately, there is a method that covers all 7 essentials. This method is by Omni Ease From Discomfort.
A brief overview of the above method is mentioned in this article.
However, due to the rigor that someone has to go through with this method, it is not suitable for everybody and is only made available upon approval. There is a good reason for this. Nobody will intentionally put themselves through ongoing body aches and pain suffering. If someone is suffering from ongoing body aches that stem from experiences as far as childhood trauma, it goes to show that the ego attachment to those childhood experiences is strong enough to make him subconsciously reinforce body pain pattern, the only way for him to benefit from Omni Ease From Discomfort’s method is for him to have the courage to confront himself and let go of his own past ego attachment. This is something that not everyone is at the stage to be ready to. Thus, filtering and selective approval by Omni Ease From Discomfort is a must to ensure that those who are accepted into taking up this service can indeed benefit from it. In the meantime, you can can rely on educating yourself on self strengthening exercises & managing your own pain to reduce the recurrence of visiting professionals.
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