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So, who exactly created your unlimited pain treatment sessions system?

He is none other than Bing Xi!
Bing Xi had hosted a pain relief summit where he spoke alongside 3 other experts with decades of experience in the pain relief industry. Some of these experts hold multiple degrees with further studies spanning across subjects such as KinesiologyExercise ScienceChiropracticBiologyAnatomyPhysiologyPediatricsHealthConsciousness & Well-being Requirements
On his own, Bing Xi has also helped many people achieve life changing results, both in lasting body pain relief and improvement in physical performance, through his personal pain relief service. Some of those people had previously consulted other professionals/specialists, told by those professionals/specialists to stop exercising, even spent thousands of dollars, but could not achieve lasting relief! Below shows an overview of some of these life changing results.
His complete and integrated coverage of different aspects of body pain contributors, though allowed his clients to achieve results that they could only previously dream of, is not for everyone. Someone with body pain issues that are not as extreme or serious like those mentioned above does not have to go through the kind of rigor his revolutionary method calls for. Thus, he then provided personalized tips/advices remotely to cater to people with less extreme/serious issues.
Through his remote service, Bing Xi has empowered people to self-manage their body pain purely through messaging communicationSome of those people had previously either received live meetup treatment sessions from other professionals/specialists but could not get relief, or diagnosed by other professionals to have no concrete solution! Below shows a couple of these amazing results.
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*Directs you to a separate page where you can fill up your contact details might be wondering how Bing Xi managed to accumulate so much experience to be able to achieve such reality defying results in body pain relief... might doubt the possibility of anyone reaching such fanatical mastery level even if his entire lifetime is dedicated to just one industry... is Bing Xi's personal story of what he went through and how he reaches his current level in providing a body pain solution.
Bing Xi has been bothered by recurring body pain throughout his lifetime. Having a birth defect at his right hip, he moved around awkwardly. This led to the accumulation of other bodily overuse injuries and pain issues throughout his growing years

In his quest to overcome his body dysfunctions & pain issues, he tried many different methods, TCM, yoga, massage, physical therapy, pilates, exercise rehabilitation, nervous system reset, use of posture correcting equipment and chiropractic adjustment. Though ALL of these METHODS WORK TO VARYING DEGREES, NONE of them provided sustained relief, bringing him through cyclical ups and downs in his body pain relief. 

His quest to overcome his own body pain issues brought him to work as a fitness instructor with his forte in improving structural integrity & thus body pain management. Having people going to him to work on their body pain, Bing Xi felt that he could reduce his clients’ pain issues but not that of his ownLimping around in the gym from time to time where he was supposed to help people get fit and out of pain, he felt a sense of shame and self-loathing in his inability to project the image that he “walk-the-talk” in overcoming his own pain issues. 

The combined frustrations from the cyclical ups and downs in his body pain relief with the shame and self-loathing from his inability to “walk-the-talk” led to stress and more tension, which worsened his movement awkwardness and amplified the pain, putting him in a vicious cycle of stress, tension, awkward movement and body paindefeating what he set out to do. 

His progress in ability to overcome his own body pain issue took a turning point when he became open to explore mental/emotional contributors of body pain. This broadened scope of body pain solution was followed by his exposure to a mix of both online and offline materials on uncovering/addressing unresolved emotions and traumatic/repressed past memories. These materials come in different forms, including certification courses, seminars, workshops, programs, research papers and articles, spanning across bioenergy healingconsciousness and psychology. Bing Xi was overjoyed and delighted to finally be able to see sustained body pain relief beyond what he experienced throughout his entire lifetime thus far!!
However, his sustained body pain relief took a downturn when his newfound solution integrating works in both physical and non-physical aspects were met with objections and discouragement from his superior at work who has a medical history record of being diagnosed with psychological health issues and not wanting to be reminded of his shame towards his own past. Bing Xi, despite being unfairly treated and appraised by that superior for a period of time, held on to his full time job as a fitness instructor despite that due to his apprehension against financial uncertainty, causing him much more emotional/mental stress and body pain.

During that period, Bing Xi continued his works on the physical aspects of body pain during his full-time job as a fitness/rehabilitation trainer as usualConcurrently, he did works on the non-physical aspects outside of his working hours to gain experience in that newly explored terrain. He held himself back from doing any works on the physical aspects to avoid conflict of interests with his full-time work's employer. That was a tough period for him as he felt disjointed between his work life and non work life, was held back from applying the full method integrating works in both physical and non-physical aspects, faced unfair treatment from his superior at work and endured recurring body pain

By the time Bing Xi finally broke free from his full-time work commitments and unfair treatment, he had already coached more than *1000-1300 clients (at least *500-650 are above 40 years old) over a span of 3-4 years.
*Numbers are reserved estimations based on info published by Bing Xi's formal gym employer.
After leaving that gym, Bing Xi went ahead with what he always wanted, implement the full method of body pain relief. Since then, he has been impacting many lives with lasting body pain relief and improved mental/emotional well-being

Though he had feelings of resentment towards that manager, Bing Xi is well aware that the social stigma of having a psychological health issue medical record stemming from a lack of mental health awareness is the root issue. He thus sees the importance of spreading his work through both education and his wholesome and integrated body pain relief services.

Bing Xi had also learnt to appreciate and embrace his past experiences with body painstresstensionunfair treatment and more body pain. As these experiences allowed him to uncover and create his unique gift to humanity, which he now longs to use to serve people bothered by body pain. He strives towards not letting another being endure the sufferings he personally went through. 
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