Omniseen serves people who badly wants to resolve an ongoing pain, physical or not. You might have sought out for professional help elsewhere but failed, but we are confident that our root cause approach allows us to help you.
Our mission is to help people rapidly resolve problems that are obvious to them by resolving those that they maybe oblivious to. We see the obvious problems themselves to be not the real issue, but whatever deeper issues that contribute to the problems in the first place.

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  • The Little-Known 6-Circle Formula For Relieving Your Pain
  • How To Go Beyond The Pain (Symptom) And Go To The Root Cause
  • Why Your Traditional Pain Relief Methods Might Not Be Working
Permanent Pain Relief Made Simple E-book
  • The Little-Known 12-Step Formula For Building Up Your Resilience
  • How To Go Beyond The Stress (Symptom) And Go To The Root Cause
  • Why Your General Stress Resilience Methods Might Not Be Working
Mental Stress Resilience In 12 Simple Steps E-book
  • PDF Workbook compiled from "Pain Relief Virtual Summit May 2020" speakers' highlights
  • Tips your chiropractor or physio might not want you to know...
  • Because once you know these, you might not need to go back
Pain Relief Virtual Summit May 2020 E-book
  • Online pain relief course series on the little known 6-circle formula
  • Never worry about location or timing since you can access anytime at home
  • Solve more than just your pain but the roots
Omniseen Gold Pain Relief Course

Check Out Some Of The Awesome Works By Omniseen

Eli Hanif, Freelance Personal Trainer

Before Omniseen works by Bing Xi, Hanif had tension and discomfort in his left bicep when stretching or doing certain exercises. He could feel the tension simply by having his arm up and in line wth my body.

After only 10-15 mins of Omniseen works by Bing Xi to assess him and work on his pain, he can now stretch further back without feeling any tension. His range of motion has improved to the point where it is as good as the non-afflicted arm. There is also much less discomfort when doing the same exercises as before.

Upon the 10-15 mins of Omniseen works by Bing Xi, he was given a quick and simple exercise before starting his usual workouts. It took him about 3 weeks of self-managing follow up, on the advice given by Bing Xi, to reach the end result, with minimal effort on his part.
Lee Li Xuan, Founder of Xuan Healing Cove

Li Xuan was having occassional intense lower back pain for 10 years. After working with Bing Xi through Omniseen works, she felt her lower back pains start to go down within 10 minutes. She was also taught very useful techniques to continue to maintain good energy alignment in her back, which helped her to further relieve the back pains when they recur when she lift heavy things. Now, it's been 3 months and the pains have rarely recurred. She also finds Bing Xi to be very helpful in providing advice in between the pain relief sesions. She highly recommends Bing Xi's work if someone have long term pain and wish to relieve it to find surprising results!
Lim Lishan, Freelance Yoga Instructor

"Bing Xi is a pain and mobility specialist and very knowledgeable about the human physical body in prescribing the exact exercises needed to improve function and decrease tension and stress. He is also skilled in kinesiology and is patient and understanding towards his clients. I can't wait to try the rest of his new modalities coming up!"
Nai Tien

"Bing Xi is a very skillful kinesiotherapist who is able to drill down my knee issues fast and provide effective therapeutic exercises needed to recover my knee. I am now a bare-foot runner capable of performing long-distance running again thanks to heeding his advises a few years back."
Clarisse Foong, Advanced Integrative Methodology (Senior) Therapist

Clarisse often feel an ache on her right shoulder, which fluctuates and usually worsens after she knocks off from work.
Through Bing Xi's assessment when he did Omniseen works on her, Clarisse quickly found out something she did not realize she was repeatedly doing that was contributing to the ache. Apart from working on that, she had some other deeper things uncovered. She was delighted to be able to let go of certain pasts and thoughts that have still been bothering her at a level that she was not so aware of, that contributed to her right shoulder discomfort.

After just that one session, Clarisse's pain was gone and she could not even remember it was once there until Bing Xi asked her about it one week later.

Clarisse is thankful towards Omniseen for helping her to address my pain issue. It has helped her be mindful of certain habit, and be aware of certain past that contributes to the pain.
Felicia Dinata

Felicia has knee pain coming from both gym training and daily activity. With her first experience with Omniseen works, Bing Xi took only a few minutes to narrow down a solution to work on her body with the treatment lasting merely seconds! The immediate knee pain she felt disappeared at that instant! After that, when the pain came back, it was reduced. Subsequently, after more follow-up sessions working on the mind, the pain occurred less often with it being triggered mainly from gym training.
Bing Xi's Omniseen works is very deep, going beyond just looking at the body but also at the mind. The part of Omniseen works that look at the mind reminds Felicia of NLP, except to be faster and more direct to the point in going to the root issue.
Wayne Yap

Wayne has chronic pain on his heel (plantar fasciitis) and visited a TCM, physio, orthopaedic, chiropractor, reiki healers and more, yet the pain didn't go away...
He spent thousands of dollars and countless hours... Over $6k at the chiro, went to the TCM every day for 10 days, and yet nothing was working.
Wayne felt that it's a pretty weird industry, like big bad pharma, who really only has the incentive to temporarily manage pain instead of fully treat it, so people go back...
Eventually, Wayne met Bing Xi at a meetup who started doing muscle testing as well as treating his pain in many ways, including muscle imbalances, energy, psychological, regressions and more.
That helped Wayne a ton, and his pain is at least 90% gone!
Lim Kaining

Kaining finds Omniseen Thought Coherence helpful in finding out her and her boyfriend’s blindspots and weak areas as well as how they were unconsciously affected by it in their relationship, allowing them to improve on it.
Tan Kai Heng

Kai Heng finds the direction and steps in Omniseen Thought Coherence to allow him to map out his behavioural and cognitive pattern, allowing him to set intention on improving the pattern, bringing him further forward in his self-development journey he set out since long ago.


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