Body Pain Relief With “Scientifically Valid Mystical Forces”
In one of my previous blog posts, I brought up the three aspects of health important in sustaining pain freedom. They are structural integrity, bioenergy field and mental/emotional well-being. I also briefly described all the three aspects. In this article, I am going to go a little bit in-depth into bioenergy field.
As mentioned previously, bioenergy field occurs on the electromagnetic field surrounding an individual contributed by the voltage between and within biological cells and the magnetic waves emitted by the brain. The resulting electromagnetic field created, when the bioelectrical charges and magnetic brain waves coming into contact, provides a subtle protection against surroundings’ background radiation coming from both the environment and each other. This harmful background radiation causes pain and lowers immunity, which negate our well-being. Thus, having a strong bioenergy field is a key component to sustaining body pain freedom. Since bioenergy field cannot be seen nor touched, and only individuals with higher sensitivity towards energy can subtly detect its presence if without high tech equipment like electrodes, kirlian photography and radio-detectors, this aspect is often seen as mystical and hard to comprehend.
Pain relief therapy done through bioenergy healing whereby people use intention, on top of physical movements up close, to direct vibrational energy to the person being treated existed since ages ago. This bioenergy was expressed in many different forms, depending on the culture, including “lifeforce”, “chi”, “qi” & “prana” (Even "mana', but more for gamers :)). Back then, the technological advances were not at the stage where tools that can detect and measure electromagnetic field strength were invented. Thus, it seemed mystical and were dismissed as superstition. Up until more recently, with the discoveries of electric current, magnetic waves as well as the electromagnetic spectrum, scientists started to prove the possible existence and validity of bioenergy healing. Thus, people in the scientific community commonly understand bioenergy as electromagnetic energy.
Traditional sources of mystical forces used for body pain relief which are now scientifically valid
Traditional healing methods that finally get backed up by the scientific community to possibly improve people's bio-electromagnetic energy field after centuries of being dismissed as superstition.
With much research studies done on the changing strengths in electromagnetic field strength/frequencies and the corresponding health level of a person, the once mystical bioenergy healing has been increasingly gaining scientific validation. The concept of frequencies and vibrations started to become more increasingly applied with the use of micro-currents and sound waves to stimulate patients to achieve healing. Machines were then developed as healing tools to treat different issues like body pain through local stimulation. While the majority of these machines invented earlier were large and bulky, continued technological advances allow invention and creation of smaller sized, portable & user friendly ones. I personally even know of one that is pocket sized. This pocket sized device managed to make an anti-logistics guy like myself own one. As a result, it had successfully reignited my passion to continue impacting lives without wearing myself out, since I now have my hands on something that can assist me in energetically healing others & recharging myself. 
Apart from emitting micro-current at different frequencies, this device also emits scalar energies, something more complex and beyond electric and magnetic fields. These scalar energies penetrate all materials and can instruct the body to fully regenerate & initiate self-healing. Due to its complexity, more scientific studies & research need to be carried out to ascertain its benefits.
These same scalar energies are also emitted during traditional healing, which is what allow both the device & traditional healing to reach a level whereby healing can take place over a long distance without physical connections! While current advances in science and technology has yet to reach a point whereby equipment or methodologies emitting scalar energy can get FDA approval or clearance on their claim of being able to conduct energy healing over a long distance without physical connections, many people are benefitting from such ongoing works by both healers & equipment! 
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