Be Independent From Long Term Regular Body Pain Relieve Treatments In JUST 2 Steps!
Is it possible to be independent from long term regular body pain relief treatments? It is common for people in the body related pain relief industry, both the service receivers & providers, to believe and accept that body related chronic pain sufferers would need some form of regular follow-up treatments in the long-term to maintain pain relief results. This also means that majority of the service providers in the body related pain relief industry does not provide real long-term solution that addresses the roots. Instead, they provide temporary solution to manage the symptoms. While this symptoms-focused approach has its place in allowing sufferers to keep to their daily routines and avoid disruptions to their usual schedules, I feel that it should not be relied upon in the long-term.
Going into the symptoms-focused approach, there are a lot of ways to manage body-related pains without causing long-term harm to the body. These ways include physiotherapy, chiropractic/bones adjustments, manual/massage therapy, traditional chinese medicine, energy (lifeforce/chi/prana/reiki/qigong/etc) healing, vibrational (heat/electro/ultrasonic/brainwave/etc) therapy and many more. Such methods involve restoring the body back to its natural pain free states without using any synthetic drugs or invasive surgeries. My views on body-related pain relief is such that, if you are relying on a symptoms-focused approach for relieving your body pain, you should at least avoid the use of synthetic drugs or invasive surgeries and focus on restoring the body back to its natural pain free states by relying on the methods I whitelisted above.  
Coming back to the question on the possibility of being independence from long term regular body pain relief treatments, my answer is a definite yes! In fact, achieving such independence is actually very simple, requiring just 2 steps:
step 1 of 2 to be independent from long term regular body pain relieve treatments
1. Break The Chronic Pain Cycle
step 2 of 2 to be independent from long term regular body pain relieve treatments
2. Address Pain Recurrence
These 2 steps are in line with Omni Ease From Discomfort’s signature solution, The OmniEase Method.
Going into “1. Break The Chronic Pain Cycle”, the 3 main components, in order of priority, that need to be addressed are:
1a. Chronic Stress
Stress leads to tension in the body, which leads to pain. The reverse can also happen, since body pain leads to tension, which increases feeling of stress. Body pain and stress has a “chicken-and-egg” relation. Thus, instead of focusing on which is the chicken and which is the egg, we can focus on practical stress management for any existing chronic or recurring body pain. Some practical stress management tips include taking 5 minutes to write a grateful journal during bedtime right before sleep, turning the radiation emitting devices like mobiles into airplane mode during sleep to avoid disruptions to sleep, and drinking enough water in sips throughout the day to ensure proper hydration and moisture absorption.
1b. Breathing Pattern
Firstly, since people commonly respond to stress with poor breathing, addressing breathing pattern helps to reduce stress and tension through improving stress response. Secondly, since proper breathing keeps the primary breathing muscle, the diaphragm, healthy, this reduces load on the secondary breathing muscles. Some of these secondary breathing muscles include the intercostal muscles and Latissimus Dorsi, which tightens up the chest and back regions when overloaded to assist in breathing, resulting in poor posture and then pain. Therefore, proper breathing improves posture. Some things to look out for in addressing breathing pattern involves looking at the use of the diaphragm, the breathing quality, and the breathing rate control.
1c. Posture / Body Alignment
Some posture improving methods look at aligning the body at a global level, leading to huge improvements to posture and thus pain reduction with minimal adjustments. After implementing these global posture improvement techniques, you can then move on to local posture improvement techniques to improve your posture more thoroughly. By starting out with global posture improvement first, the amount of technicality required in local posture improvement is greatly reduced, making it worthwhile to improve your posture with techniques in the right sequence for best results. Some global posture improvement techniques includes a commonly known method, chiropractic/bones adjustments, and less commonly known methods revolving around looking at the sensory receptors that are taking in information from the surroundings to influence the body’s positioning. Some local posture improvement techniques includes common methods like physiotherapy and manual/massage therapy.
Going into “2. Address Pain Recurrence”, the 3 main components, in order of priority, that need to be addressed are:
2a. Movement Pattern

While addressing movement pattern does not require much explanation, it is important to look into the different levels of improving your movement. Under the OmniEase Method, improving movement occurs at 3 levels. They are:

1. Improving the ease of movement of individual body parts (ie, head, shoulders, hips, etc) in isolation

2. Improving the quality of an integrated movement (ie, walking, standing up from a chair, getting into/out of an exercise set-up and all forms of exercise movements (squats/deadlifts/pull-ups))

3. Improving the balance in the use of various muscles during integrated movements above

2b. Energy (Lifeforce/Chi/Prana/Reiki/Qigong/Etc)
Energy can reinforce chronic or recurring body related pain by reinforcing the factors contributing to the pain. These factors include those covered previously, which are chronic stress, poor breathing, bad posture and poor movement. This energetic reinforcement happens due to deeply rooted issues.  Such deeply rooted issues include past traumatic/repressive experiences, experiences of being overworked, and experiences involving poor adaptation. It is important to note that psychological reinforcement is a form of energetic reinforcement. To address this at the superficial levels, traditional chinese medicine & energy (lifeforce/chi/prana/reiki/qigong/etc) healing helps to facilitate the flow of these energies stemming from the unresolved deeply rooted issues. To address this at the roots, psychological processing can be employed. Psychological processing can take place in different settings, including deep reflecting journaling, meditation, art therapy, hypnosis and emotional counselling at top level standards. The important part is for the processing to take place in a safe environment and in the presence of someone trustworthy and knows what he is doing. The general steps for psychological processing of deeply rooted issues are:
1. Uncover
2. Acknowledge
3. Address
4. Reframe
5. Make peace / let go
Thought Coherence
2c. Thought Coherence
Your body pain can be caused by repetitive stress stemming from a lack of internal coherence. As mentioned previously, any form of stress results in tension in the body and thus pain. Stress can come from different sources. One major source of stress comes from the lack of internal coherence in you. This means to say, different parts of you have different viewpoints/goals/strategies/outlook and are not able to agree with one another, resulting in internal conflict within yourself. Some of these conflicts you are aware of, others which you are not. This arises from the different parts of you being at different levels of consciousness, resulting in a more conscious part of yourself arguing with a less conscious part of yourself. What makes things worse, is that the less conscious parts of yourself which you are unaware of gets projected outwards onto someone else, making you feel like that person is the one who you are having a conflict with, not knowing that the external conflict between you and that someone else arises from an internal conflict in yourself and possibly that someone else too. This is not easy to address, as it requires a mindset shift for all known internal conflicts and high levels of self-awareness to know the internal conflicts. To make unknown internal conflicts known, deep reflecting journaling, meditation, art therapy, hypnosis and emotional counselling can be employed. For the known internal conflicts, the questions you can ask yourself, to lead you towards internal coherence, are “Does these 2 different viewpoints/goals/strategies/outlook need to contradict each other? Can they support each other? Can I align them with one another? Can I align myself with both of them concurrently?”
By now, you probably can see that the 2 steps are simple, but definitely not easy. The mainstream service providers in the body related pain relief industry are mainly physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists. They cover only a part of the “c. Posture / Body Alignment” portion of “1. Break The Chronic Pain Cycle”.  The less mainstream, but still commonly sought after service for purposes of body pain relief, energy (lifeforce/chi/prana/reiki/qigong/etc) healing, addresses the effects of unresolved deeply rooted issues at a superficial level without going to the roots. Activities that can go to the roots of body related pain, like deep reflecting journaling, meditation, art therapy, hypnosis and emotional counselling need to take place at top level standards to be effective to resolve body pain without working on the physical structure. Furthermore, these activities are generally known to work on issues that are psychological rather than physical in nature, making them unlikely to be employed with the intention to overcome body related pain. These explain why majority of the body related chronic pain sufferers have to rely on long term regular body pain relief treatments.
Now that you know why you find yourself needing to maintain the regular treatments just to keep yourself from being bothered by chronic body pain, you probably realize that just following your service providers’ advices and treatment protocols is not enough. The good news is that The OmniEase Method covers all these component tackle body pain beyond the physical roots.
The OmniEase Method
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