Address Body Pain By Using Less Plastic?
If you are reading this article because the headline caught your attention, you are probably wondering how using less plastic help to address your body pain. Aside from the cancer causing harmful substances in plastic, which gets released under high heat conditions, just using plastic containers, bags, utensils, etc, can indirectly result in more body aches & pain. In fact, if you're currently in pain, or know a friend who is in pain, the collective use of plastics from the past is contributing to you or your friend's suffering. Your continued use of plastics would contribute to more people's body pain, including yours.
The question here, is how does using more plastics in the past and present lead to more body pain in the present and future? While some people, including myself, do believe in the concept of karma, this article's scope does not include this concept in its coverage. Instead, it is going to revolve around the effects of plastics use on our environment, as well as how it affects our posture, and subsequently, contribute to people's body pain on a global level.
First of all, how does using plastics affect our environment? The production of plastics lead to climate changes through emission of greenhouse gases, and the disposal of plastics leads to ecosystem pollution. For more detailed explanation on how these happen, go to this article from this website.
The production of plastics leads to a climate change, resulting in extreme conditions that cause discomfort and neuro-receptors deep in the skin to not operate optimally. This affects the perception of your body's relative position, leading to poor body parts placement and thus bad posture. Extreme cold also results in muscles being stiff, leading to poor movement and thus bad posture. Extreme warm can obstruct sleep at night, leading to restlessness and thus poor recovery from daily stress, which then results in poor breathing. Extreme dryness or dampness in the air makes it hard to breath. The production of plastics leads to more greenhouse gas emission. This leads to air pollution, which affects breathing too. Poor breathing results in improper use if the primary breathing muscles, the diaphragm. This leads to overuse of the assisting breathing muscles in the chest and mid back, causing them to be tight and posture to be affected.
The disposal of plastics leads to ecosystem pollution, whereby toxic substances from plastics get passed up along the food chain from small animals like birds and fishes. These toxic eventually becomes our food, which affects our overall health, leading to more stress on our various systems. This leads to less resilience towards daily stress in general. Less resilience towards daily stress makes it easier for mental fatigue as well as tension in the mind, subsequently, the body, affecting posture. More stress on the various systems include digestive systems stress, leading to poor gut health. Discomforts in the guts result in poor activation of the deep muscles in the hips and lower back, resulting in poor body stability & bad posture.
Using less plastics will definitely result in less harm to the environment, human beings, and thus, less posture problems and less body pain in the long-term. However, if you're looking for an immediate solution to address such a source of body pain, it might involve lifestyle changes right now. Some of these changes can include wearing a sweater to keep yourself warm when the climate is cold, keeping room lightly ventilated during sleep, having a humidifier to overcome dryness, a diffuser with appropriate essential oils to overcome dampness and address the air pollutants in your immediate surroundings, and even avoiding animals or animal products in what you eat to avoid the plastic toxicity.
In avoiding animals or animal products in what you eat to avoid the plastic toxicity, it is important to note that excluding a major food group from your diet can cause you to be deprived from essential nutrients. Aside from consuming less protein, excluding animals and animal products also leads to a lack of specific minerals, like essential amino acids, iron & creatine, as well as vitamins like certain B vitamins, D and K. This means that supplementing with these nutrients will be helpful in maintaining your health should you decide to avoid animals or animal products for the purpose of avoiding plastic toxicity from the food chain. 
If you find it troublesome to source for these supplements & take them on a regular basis, another method is to rely on your body's natural ability to substitute with other nutrients for the above mentioned missing ones. This same ability is being relied upon by seasoned vegans and vegetarians. Both seasoned and entry level vegans and vegetarians can benefit from being more efficient at doing so using the below material.
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